Material Handling Systems & Industrial Machinery

Making Handling Safer, Faster and More Efficient

Okamura’s business is not only to streamline logistics, but also to research, develop and provide new material handling systems to meet the diverse needs of the customers we deal with. Okamura's material handling systems are designed to achieve safer, faster, easier and more precise operations and we offer a comprehensive menu of support, from consultancy on how to upgrade systems and an after-sales service to operational support, software development and installation of equipment.


  • Shelves for light,medium and heavy-duty products
  • Movable shelves and shelves for layered and multilayered materials
  • IT fixtures for logistics
  • Facilities for use in automated warehouses /Rotary Rack
  • Distribution products and equipment for plants and warehouses
  • Articles for distribution and warehouses
  • A variety of transportation systems
  • Torque converters
  • Power shift transmissions
  • Transmissions and reduction gearboxes
  • Clutches
  • Fluid couplings
Bucket Stacker Automated Tote-Type Storage

Bucket Stacker Automated Tote-Type Storage